WAG Whole Deer Antler - Medium


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General Information 

Antlers are the holy grail of chews. Rich with calcium and phosphorous, both essential minerals in canine diets, antlers give your dog the vitals for healthy bones and teeth. Straight from the temperate wilderness of New Zealand, deer antlers are naturally shed in the wild by deer. Endless hours of mental and physical stimulation to keep your dog's brain – and their teeth – too occupied to feast on your furniture. Chowing down on antlers for just thirty minutes a day can reduce the instances of plaque by a staggering 70%!

Medium: 90 – 130g.

Ingredients List

Crude Protein (Min.) 38.9%

Crude Fat (Min.) 1.2%

Crude Fibre (Max.) 1.8%

Moisture (Max.) 9.9%

Calcium 18.5%

Phosphorous 9.9%