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The Prime100 brand was founded in 2014 with a goal to design and manufacture innovative, functional and targeted Australian pet food. They are an independent Australian owned pet food manufacturer based in Melbourne. We are leaders in the industry manufacturing functional diets designed by Australia’s leading Veterinary specialists and nutritionists.In 2019 Prime100 took on a whole new look and structure by purpose building a brand new manufacturing plant in Melbourne with all new specialized plant and equipment. We are a young, dynamic and invested team working together to introduce new, innovative and functional products to the Australian market to ensure both Veterinary professionals and consumers have true functional diets that can assist dogs and cats with low to acute food sensitivities. Prime100 is 100% Australian owned and our products are 100% Australian made.




Black Hawk, an Australian-based pet food company, introduces a line of high-quality food that contain only natural and nutritious ingredients for happier, healthier pets. Real meat, real veggies, and zero fillers and other harmful ingredients: that’s what you’ll get with Black Hawk pet food products! Black Hawk removes all the unnecessary ingredients and only gives your pet the essentials so that they perform and play better throughout their everyday activities. For a complete, well-balanced meal every day for your canine, the Black Hawk Original Lamb & Rice Dry Dog Food Mix is the perfect energy source for active dogs and is made in Australia with natural ingredients you’ve grown to know and love. The lamb meat provides much-needed protein to support muscle growth and bone health and also contain iron, zinc, and B vitamins. With added fruits like blueberries for antioxidants, vegetables such as peas and carrots for more nutritional content, and healthy fats from emu oil for extra omega fatty acids, this holistic dry dog food mix gives your pet well-balanced meals every day.




Making the right choice for your four-legged friends:
Cats and dogs naturally have a strong preference for meat in their diets. Cats, being carnivorous, must have meat in their diets to provide essential nutrients they need as part of their daily diet. Dogs are more omnivorous, their essential nutrition from their diet can come from a combination of animal and plant based ingredients. Ivory Coat products take dietary preferences and needs into consideration when crafting recipes.

Ivory Coat is an Australian made and owned business offering 100% grain-free nutrition for your closest companion. The super-premium dog food has been developed by veterinarians and animal nutritionist

Made with high quality Australian-sourced ingredience, it's choc full of the good stuff: high-protein for healthy muscles, a natural pre-biotic for digestion, anitoxidant rich superfoods like kale and blueberries, and omega-3 & 6 packed sardines and salmon oil for healthy skin and coat, as well as essential minerals and vitamins for all-round nutrition. Ivory Coat Grain Free is formulated to meet the nutritional levels established by the AAFCO for the maintenance of adult dogs



That Grain Free Life

Tips, Tricks & Facts



Digging up the Backyard


Your once-gorgeous lawn, garden, or fence-line now looks like a mini war zone, pockmarked with holes, savaged turf, and devastated vegetables. You know who’s to blame: your dog! Why does your dog keep digging up the yard? What can you do about it? Some Tips

- More playtime and exercise (Walk it of, walks aren't only good for dogs it will help you too)

- More toys and chewys

- Dental Chews

- Build a SandBox






Dogs have the power of smell

A dog’s nose can also detect fear or even sadness because our canine counterparts can pick up on the scent of adrenaline—also known as the “fight-or-flight” hormone. When it comes to “smelling your fear,” an increased heart rate and blood flow sends distinctive body chemicals to the surface of our skin, which a dog can sense almost immediately.

They have more than 100 million sensory receptor sites in the nasal cavity as compared to 6 million in people, and the area of the canine brain devoted to analyzing odors is about 40 times larger than the comparable part of the human brain. In fact, it’s been estimated that dogs can smell anywhere from 1,000 to 10,000 times better than people.







Did you know?

During World War 2 because of food shortage and post-war factors, the Shiba Inu nearly became extinct. All dogs today are bred from only three surviving bloodlines

Did you know and MRI of a dog's brain shows that they see owners as family and prioritise the smell of humans over anything.

Did you know 45% of dogs sleep in their owners bed

Did you know the United States has the biggest population of dogs on the earth

Did you know a kick from a giraffe can decapitate a lion, random aye

Did you know the Border Collie is known to be the worlds smartest dog breed

Did you know if a guide dog judges that a command is unsafe, it will refuse the command. This is called intelligent disobedience









Those WTF moments? Yep that's a thing

1. When a dog see's its owner, their brain releases Oxycontin, it's the same chemical found in humans who are in love or bonding with friends.

2. Dogs get high when you rub their ears. There are a branch of nerves in their ears that extend to their internal organs that release endorphins when you rub them, sending impulses through their bodies and giving them a natural high

3. Dogs interpret a human crying as another dog whining

4. Dogs and cats are right and left pawed just like human are right and left handed

5. The longer a dogs nose is the more effective their internal cooling system is

6. The twitching and paw movements that occur during sleep are signs of a dog dreaming. They have the same Rapid Eye Movement (REM) as us

7. Dogs' eyes contain a special membrane called the tapetum lucidum which allows them to see in the dark

8. A bloodhounds sense of smell is so accurate it can be used in a court of law



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