WAG Banana Yoghurt drops


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General Information 

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Get your pup eating out of your hands with the WAG Banana Yoghurt Drops Dog Treat. Suitable for all dog breeds, these delicious treats are perfect to use as a treat or as a training reward. They are grain free, tasty, healthy and easy to digest. The WAG Banana Yoghurt Drops Dog Treat are made with human grade ingredients, so you and your pal can both enjoy a treat or training reward together!


Great for Training

Small and nifty, drops are ideal for training. These bite-sized treats will keep your doggo sitting pretty for the next bite.

Sustainable Sourcing

The palm oil in our drops is RSPO certified — meaning we made sure no orangutans are harmed in the making of the drops.

Perfect for Puppies 

Packed full of flavour and soft enough for a young pup’s teeth, yoghurt drops are the perfect training tool for puppies. 

Single Yoghurt Drop Box Order Incurs Flat $5 Shipping 

Ingredients List 

Sustainable Palm Kernel Oil, Sugar, Skim Milk Solids, Yoghurt Solids, Emulsifier, Banana Flavour.