Ivory Coat Cat Food


Why Choose Ivory Coat?

The Ivory Coat cat food range is made with natural ingredients, vitamins, and minerals, so it has everything your cat needs and nothing it doesn't. To aid in the preservation of lean muscle mass, locally sourced Australian meat is the main ingredient.  The remaining nutrients were chosen with care to provide high-quality nutrition and flavours your cat will enjoy. 

Ivory Coat For Kittens

Our Ivory Coat kitten range is specifically designed to support the nutritional needs of your new feline friend. The high-protein, grain-free kitten food is made with only the highest-quality ingredients and is filled with nutritious proteins perfect for high-energy kittens. 

Ivory Coat For Cats

Each Ivory Coat cat food bag is full of delicious Australian meat and provides the ideal nutrition for your cat's general health and well-being. Specifically designed to meet the needs of adult cats there is a reason that the Ivory Coat cat food range has become so popular with pet owners throughout Australia.

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