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Meals for Mutts

Meals for Mutts proudly brings you the very best premium, Australian made puppy, dog and cat food on the market. This wonderfully balanced holistic food is manufactured to exacting ethical standards of quality, performance, economy and safety using only the finest natural ingredients.

MfM Australia’s Dog and Puppy food varieties have been specifically formulated to assist in the early stages of canine development and later on. Our dog/puppy dry food varieties feature the complete range of balanced essential nutrients for all types of puppy breeds including exotic breeds to set a good foundation for years to come. Perfect for all dogs and puppies our dry dog and puppy food can assist with allergies, digestive issues, excessive shedding, hot spots, joint inflammation, anxiety, scratching/biting, weak immune system, underweight, overweight, ear infections and body odour. Allergies in felines are caused by suppression of the immune system, which is often caused by improper nutrition. This can usually be solved by changing to an MfM Australia’s dog and puppy food range which is all-natural hypoallergenic, super premium holistic grain and gluten free diet.

The Meals for Mutts Difference

Meals for Mutts holistic approach drives them to develop all-natural products with ingredients chosen to give your pet a happier, healthier life and separate us from many other pet food companies. MfM's first priority is the health and well-being of your pet. Our commitment to wholesome, natural, quality pet food is unparalleled, resulting in amazing benefits for your pet.

Ideal for puppies up to adults and including exotic breeds, all our formulations contain the complete range of balanced essential nutrients. 

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