Prime100 ZeroG

Prime 100 Dog Food

Introducing Prime100 SPD ZeroG dry food for dogs. This holistic, super-premium food is completely free of grains, which means it's really easy for your dog to digest. It’s also gluten-free and made without using genetically modified ingredients. Your dog will jump for joy when you fill their bowl with Prime ZeroG.

The Prime SPD Difference

Our SPD or 'single protein diet' dog food is formulated so that there is only one source of animal protein. This premium range is focused on improving the health and wellness of your pet, by providing quality, fresh foods dedicated to managing issues relating to mobility, digestion, and even oral health. Made from 100% human-grade ingredients, your dog will love the added omega oils and prebiotics, low GI ingredients, and high protein formulations.

Our Range

At Pet Food Leaders we stock a large variety of Prime 100 SPD ZeroG, including:

  • Prime 100 Kangaroo
  • Prime 100 Chicken
  • Prime 100 Turkey
  • Prime 100 Lamb
  • Prime 100 Duck
  • Prime 100 Puppy