Prime100 Air Dried Range

Prime100 Air Dried Range

Introducing the next generation of Prime100, SPD (Single Protein Diet) Air.

Prime100 SPD Air is scientifically formulated, complete and balanced diets consisting of only one meat protein. A bite sized, air-dried diet that is a nutrient dense, clean, convenient, and portable alternative to a raw diet. High protein and energy dense nutrition suitable for all life stages. Minimal processing means that vitamins and minerals are retained while our functional ingredients are designed to assist dogs with low to acute food sensitivities. 

Why Prime100 Air?

Prime100 SPD Air is highly functional and can assist with the control of many common health indications. Check out the information below to see what SPD is best for your four-legged baby. 

Prime100 Air Dried Range is an alternative to your traditional raw food diets, packed full of nutrient dense ingredients while keeping all the big flavours. Prime100 Air Dried range can also be used as a topper, for supplementation, fun treats or learning treats for puppies. Really, this range is so versatile, you decide how you want to use it! 

Common Health Problems

  Chicken  Kangaroo  Duck Lamb
Food Medicated Dermatitis 
Anorexia (Food Eversion)
Cachexia (Increased Catabolism) 
Small Bowel Disease 
Large Bowel Disease 
Diabetes Mellitus 
Growing Dogs 
Adult Dogs
IBD (Irritable Bowel Disease) 
Food Responsive Enteropathy 

What Proteins are Available? 


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