Stockman & Paddock Dog Food

For two generations now, our roots have been firmly planted in regional New South Wales. We are experts in crafting quality foods. Stockman & Paddock is a culmination of passion and experience, taking wholesome Australian-sourced produce to craft complete and balanced nutrition which is tailored specifically for active Australian dogs. With real Australian Beef as the no.1 ingredient, Stockman & Paddock provides superior quality food for Aussie Dogs at an affordable price*.

Stockman and Paddock understand the unique needs of Australian Dogs. Hence their dog food comes with real Australian Beef as the no.1 ingredient, is specifically formulated with 26% protein and 16% fat to help keep your working dog in peak condition, working harder, for longer.

They use quality carbohydrates to provide sustained energy, natural prebiotics to help maintain gut health and essential vitamins and minerals to ensure a complete and balanced diet.