WAG Dog Treats

Is Your Dog A 'WAG Dog'?

At Pet Food Leaders, we stock a range of WAG treats. These all-natural and healthy dog treats are the perfect option for training and treating all those good boys. The WAG for dogs range uses meat sourced locally from the best farmers and butchers in Australia. 

Sustainably & Ethically Sourced Dog Treats

WAG dog treats are all sustainably made, using the nose-to-tail policy for both health and environmental benefits - with no nasties added. WAG for dogs is great for your furry friends' dental health and overall wellbeing as all their treats are 100% additive and grain-free.

The Benefits

WAG treats are great for your dog's gut health, bone health, help maintain healthy hips and joints, and promote healthy teeth and gums. Our range includes:

  • WAG Kangaroo
  • WAG Venison
  • WAG Shark Cartilage
  • WAG Deer Antler
  • WAG Moo Tubes
  • WAG Bully Bites

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