Man's Best Dog Food

Perfect For All Breeds

Every bag of Man's Best dog food is made in Australia using only the finest local ingredients to guarantee that your best friend has everything they need to live a long, active and healthy lifestyle. Our range is perfect for all dog breeds and we have a wide range of flavours for added variety.

Man's Best Puppy Food

Welcoming a new four-legged friend into your family is a wonderful thing and it’s important you give them all they need to grow healthy and strong in those early years. At Pet Food Leaders, we know that our range of Man’s Best puppy food is high-quality and grain-free. 

With natural ingredients to support muscle and bone development, healthy skin and shiny coats, our Man’s Best puppy food recipe will help your new family member grown up happily and healthily. 

Its Man's Best Friend For A Reason

Man's Best dog food is exclusive to qualified and professional pet specialty retailers. When you buy Man's Best you know that you're buying dog food created by a team of vets and pet nutritionists using only the best locally sourced ingredients. Each specialty recipe supports your dog or puppy's healthy active lifestyle. 

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