Ziwi Peak Cat Food

Peak Nutrition For Your Cat

Ziwi Peak Cat Food is crafted in New Zealand from whole-prey recipes that are high in meat without all the fillers, additives and artificial binders that regular cat food contains. 

All meat and seafood are ethically sourced, raised without added growth hormones and is from free-range farms. When you choose Ziwi, you know that you are choosing the best. 

Ziwi Peak - The Taste Of New Zealand

Inspired by New Zealand’s rich culture and diverse landscape, these recipes feature five different flavours and types of meat and fish all from a single region in New Zealand. To keep your cat healthy and happy, choose from a range of air-dried or wet recipes (or a combination of both!).

Cat Food For All Life Stages

Whether your cat thrives indoors or outdoors, Ziwi Peak Cat Food is perfect for the active hunter or the sedentary sleeper! As all cats are carnivores it is important that they get their nutrition from cat food that meets your cat's biological needs; including meat, organs, seafood and added superfoods for that extra boost of nutrition. 

Is Your Cat A Picky Eater?

Ziwi Peak Cat Food is perfect for all breeds and life stages, especially selective or food-sensitive cats. Our range includes chicken, lamb, venison, beef, mackerel, rabbit and many other flavour combinations!


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