Meals for Meows Kitten Single Protein Goat


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General Information

Meals For Meows Kitten Grain Free Single Protein Goat Cat Food 2.5kg is hypoallergenic, gluten-free and dairy free with no added sugar, making it a perfect diet for all kittens, especially those with sensitivities. Made from a single protein source of goat, Meals For Meows provides a delicious meal that is high in valuable minerals and vitamins for optimal health and nutrition. It contains a blend of prebiotics and strengthening nutrients to support a healthy immune system and is also easily digested and absorbed for maximum health benefits.

  • Goat is leaner than traditional meats such as chicken or beef
  • Specially formulated to assist in the early stages of feline development
  • Nutritional support for all kittens, including exotic breeds

Ingredients List

Goat meat, pumpkin, alfalfa, natural fats and oils, Omega 3, 6 and 9, coconut oil, turmeric, parsley, kelp and pre- and probiotics


Expiry Feb 24