Prime100 SPT Chicken Fillet

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General Information

Treating your dog has never been so good for their hips as well as their lips until they have the Prime100 SPT Chicken Fillet Dog Treats 100g. The easily digestible, protein rich treat contains ingredients sourced from Australian farmers, with the single protein diet being ideal for dogs with food allergies. Prime100 SPT Chicken Fillet Dog Treats 100g are delicious tasting, with real Australian chicken meat, and contain no fillers, colours or preservatives.

Easy Chew Soft Treat with a palatability guarantee.

  • Single Protein Treat, no mixed proteins
  • 100% premium cuts of whole turkey
  • 100% bone free
  • 100% Australian made
  • 100% Australian owned
  • All Australian ingredients
  • No fillers

Ingredients List

Whole Australian chicken breast meat, potato, tapioca, pea fibre, treacle, mineral salts, natural smoke flavour.