Tick, Flea & Worming

Here at PetFoodleaders our bestselling Flea, Tick and Worming treatment, NexGard Spectra is a monthly chewable treatment combining the reliable and fast acting active ingredient in NexGard Spectra with an additional active ingredient which provides protection against intestinal worms and heartworm. NexGard Spectra is a convenient and simple way to provide your best furry friend with broad spectrum parasite protection. Click here for all NexGard Question and Answer.

NexGard Spectra is a beef-flavored chewable indicated for the treatment of fleas and ticks including Paralysis ticks, Bush ticks and Brown Dog ticks. This monthly treatment is also effective in preventing heartworm disease in dogs. It is available in the form of chewable tablets for easy dosage. Nexgard Spectra also works as a major preventive measure against the zoonotic hookworm, Ancylostoma ceylanicum along with gut worms such as whipworms and roundworms. The oral treatment is effective for gastrointestinal nematodes. It also prevents ear mites, demodectic, sarcoptic, and otodectic manage infestation in dogs. Moreover, Nexgard Spectra acts as a single treatment for controlling external and internal parasites in dogs.