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What should I feed my guinea pig? Guinea pigs, like rabbits are herbivores and develop food preferences early in life. It’s important to provide guinea pigs with a proper balanced diet because like humans, guinea pigs cannot produce vitamin C. Pellets, hay and fresh vegetables should be majority of your guinea pigs diet, with some treats thrown in on the rare occasion. Sudden changes can result in a refusal to eat. Any modifications to the diet should be made gradually. The most critical aspect of the diet of guinea pigs is their requirement for vitamin C. Apart from that, the...

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Welcome to Pet Food Leaders From the ashes of COVID-19, Pet Food Leaders rose. Established on the sunny South East Queensland during the middle of 2020 , Pet Food Leaders is committed to making the best quality pet food for animals available to you at reasonable prices. We plan on making this process easy for you from the instant you land on our website right up until we deliver your order. Originally starting in retail in our early working years (we aren’t that old), we both had a passion for helping people, always striving for absolute customer satisfaction. One thing that we noticed...

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