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Prime100 SPD Slow Cooked Puppy Lamb and Blueberry Single Protein Adult Wet Dog Food


General Information


Key Information

  • SPD™ Slow Cooked: A functional, single protein diet for your pet's well-being
  • Crafted with care: Thoughtfully selected ingredients and a flavourful broth slowly simmered to perfection
  • Complete And Balanced: Fresh Australian source ingredients blended and slow-cooked to make a nutritious, complete and balanced diet
  • Non-temperature sensitive postbiotics: Postbiotics are added for optimum nutrition this includes vitamins and minerals to benefit the digestive system
  • No Fillers: No added fillers, perfect for hypoallergenic formulas
  • Highly Palatable: Suitable for inapparent and fussy dogs
  • Energy Dense: Ideal for dogs to maintain a healthy weight and body condition
  • Processed Low And Slow: Each batch is carefully simmered to retain maximum nutrition, natural aroma and delicious taste
  • High-quality Nutrients: Nutritional value is maintained while retaining higher quantities of natural protein, fat, antioxidants, essential amino acids, fatty acids, vitamins and minerals
  • Microbially Safe: The cooking process allows for hygienic and self-stable meals. Nutrients and flavours are naturally preserved without artificial preservatives, flavours and colours
  • Fresh And Nutritious: The functionality of a fresh diet with a similar nutritional profile to a raw diet, very high in single meat protein
  • Fresh Ingredients: All sourced HACCP approved facilities and were intended for human consumption
  • Multiple uses: Carefully designed to be fed as a complete and balanced diet, or can be used as a delicious topper to existing diet
  • This food is recommended by veterinarians
  • Contains prebiotics and postbiotics, omega 3 and 6, Essential Fatty Acids and DHA
  • Suitable for puppies of all breeds

100% Australian-owned and made

Ingredients List

Australian Lamb, Sweet Potato, Bamboo Fibre, Vitamins & Minerals, Blueberries, Functional Oils (Sunflower, Flaxseed, Algae), Algimun, Pumpkin, Salt, Chicory Root Extract, Trumune Postbiotics, Carrots, Psyllium Husk, Taurine, Glucosamine, Chondroitin

Daily Feeding Guide 

This is a daily feeding guide, and this may vary depending on the breed of the dog. For further support please contact your vet.

Current Weight  Intake 
5kg 380g Over 4 months
760g Over 4 months
1520g Over 4 months
30kg 2280g Over 4 months
40kg  3040g Over 4 months
50kg  3800g Over 4 months

Guaranteed Analysis 

Crude Protein (min) 10%
Crude Fat (min) 7%
Crude Fibre (max) 3%
Chondroitin (Min) 500mg/Kg
Moisture  80%
Glucosamine (Min) 500mg/Kg
ME (Kcal per 100g as fed) 128 Kcal/100g

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