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What is prime100?  Founded in 2014, they are a 100% Australian made and owned pet food manufacturing company based in Melbourne. Their goal is to design and manufacture innovative, functional and targeted Australian pet food. Prime100 supplies pet food to veterinary clinics and pet specialty stores throughout Australia - Check out their products.  Prime100 is proud to work in partnership with veterinary specialists and scientists from leading Universities and dedicated facilities. Their collaboration with these industry experts ensures our diets continue to evolve with scientific research which meets the needs and standards of pets. Recent years have proven to be...

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Diarrhoea is faeces that is soft to liquid in consistency. If your cat has diarrhoea, it is common to also see blood, mucous, parasites, or foreign objects in the faeces. Common causes of cat diarrhoea Parasites Infection Colitis (inflammation of the colon) Eating inappropriate things (e.g. non-food items) Dietary intolerance (e.g. lactose)      My cat’s got diarrhoea, is it serious? There are many factors which determine the seriousness of feline diarrhoea. The characteristics of the diarrhoea itself, any associated signs or symptoms that a present and the general health of your cat. If you are concerned, always consult your...

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