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SPD™ (single protein diet) Duck & Sweet Potato rolls  

Made with 100% Australian Duck to provide a novel hypoallergenic single protein alternative. This diet is specifically designed to provide a low GI source of protein and functional fibre for dogs. Excellent for energetic dogs, dogs needing to gain weight healthily, & suitable for dogs of all breed and life stages

SPD™ (single protein diet) Turkey & Flaxseed rolls

Made with 100% Australian Turkey and whole ground flaxseed to provide a novel source of protein, prebiotic and fibre for dogs. Turkey & Flaxseed rolls are formulated to improve and maintain skin health, whilst aiding in digestion through the added natural digestive enzymes and fibre within the Australian flaxseed. High in tryptophan known for its natural calming properties. 

SPD™ (single protein diet) Chicken & Brown Rice rolls

Made with 100% Australian Chicken to provide a rich single source of protein which may assist dogs with gastrointestinal indication and general food aversions. Brown rice is rich in Selenium which helps reduce the risk for developing common illnesses such as cancer, heart disease and arthritis. Ideal for Post-surgery & post dental extractions. 

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